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Go Bags: One for the Vehicle and One for You.

Gun Owner, Veteran, US Citizen  11/27/2016

What is a Go Bag? Well, I have always been under the assumption that a Go Bag is a backpack loaded with items that you believe you will need if you get stranded somewhere or are caught in a natural disaster and need some items to stay alive for two to five days.

If you use California Department of Safety guide lines you would have at least a weeks’ worth of bottled water and can goods in your trunk, which tends to get heavy if you have to travel away from your vehicle for any large amount of distance.

With that in mind I decided to break up the Go Bag into two Go Bags, one for the vehicle and stays in the vehicle and the other that is put into the vehicle when you are traveling more that 50+ miles from home.

If I am travelling more than 50+ miles from home I put the second Go Bag in the trunk or under the bench seat. This way if I have to walk home I have enough items to survive and make it home or to other resources.

So what do I have in each Go Bag you might ask, well I have items that I believe I will need if I get stranded somewhere and either have to sit out the situation or start walking home.

These items range from knives to water to food and other items in between and of course I also take into account the time of year. In the winter months I put some thermal items like extreme cold weather under garments and a couple more blankets.

So, with winter coming up I will go over the winter Vehicle Go Bag and Personal Go Bag, after those I will go over the summer Vehicle Go Bag and Personal Go Bag.

Car Go Bag: Stays in the car all the time

  • 1-75’ rope
  • 1-Gerber style utility tool
  • 2-Knives
  • 4-16oz waters
  • 1-LifeStraw Water Filter
  • 1-Bag of dryer lint (comes in handy when you need a fire)
  • 2-Lighters
  • 4-Boxes of Wooden Matches
  • 1-Tarp – 10’x12’
  • 5-Tarp Clips – tie downs
  • 5-4’ lengths of 550 cord
  • 1-Container of assorted Bungee cords (5-10)
  • 100’-550 cord
  • 4-Cans of Food (Chef Boyardee)
  • 4-Heat/Thermal Blankets
  • 1-Pair Thermal top and bottom (Extreme Cold Weather)
  • 10-25-Tea candles
  • 2 to 3 pairs of socks
  • 2-sets of Thermal Underwear (Thin sets)
  • 2-tee shirts
  • 50’ – Twine/String
  • 1-Poncho
  • Small med kit and hygiene items (tooth paste/tooth brush/floss/small bar of soap)

Also in trunk, not in Car Go Bag:

  • 1 pair of winter boots
  • Stack of Napkins/Paper Towels form gas station (they come in handy if you have to poop)

Winter Car Go Bag
It seems like a lot of items but it all fits in the back pack pictured above. Winter Car Go Bag shown, Cans of food not shown as I was swapping them out.

Summer Car Go Bag
Summer Car Go Bag:

Notes for items:

If you can get a camo pattern poncho that would be better, also more electrical tape so you can wrap the thermal blankets around your legs and secure them. You can cut up a thermal blanket and wrap each piece around your legs and tape them in place if you have to walk through a lot of snow, or long distances in the cold. You can do the same to your arms/chest head and neck and then put on your outer wear, like your knit hat, jacket, and outer legging/pants.

Also grocery store bags can be put over your feet and then put on your boots to keep your feet dry. (Old trick I learned when I was a kid).

Now for the Personal Go Bag:
Front Pouch Personal Go Bag
Front pouch of Personal Go Bag Back Pack shown above:
  • 1-Mosquito head net (also helps in the winter as glare blocker, snow blindness, and believe it or not keeps your head warmer.
  • 1-Toliet Paper roll
  • 10 – Tea Candles
  • 1-Bag of dryer lint / 2 lighters
  • 1-Bag of salt/pepper/sugar packets and wipes from MREs
  • 1-Spoon/Fork/Can Opener
  • Assorted plastic spoons from MREs
  • 2-pairs of gloves (one pair fits over other pair while worn)
Front of Personal Go Bag
Items on front pouch of Personal Go Bag Back Pack:
  • 1-Flash Light
  • 1-Roll of electrical tape
Items in small pocket in front pouch of Personal Go Bag
Items in small pocket in front of Personal Go Bag Back Pack:
  • 2-Compasses
  • 1-Gerber style Utility Tool
  • 1-fire starter striker
  • 1-lighter
  • 2-knives
  • 1-Flash light (2nd flash light)
Items in main pouch of Personal Go Bag Back Pack:
Items in main pouch of Personal Go Bag Back Pack:
  • 2-MREs
  • 3-12oz bottles of water
  • 1-Life Straw water filter
  • Assorted MRE side meals
  • 2-Long Knives
  • 2-bottles water purification tabs
  • 1-poncho
  • 100’ – 550 cord
  • 50’ – 550 cord
  • 1-Mini back pack (Next to Blue pouch Item)
  • 1-Small Tree Limb Saw
  • 3-4 thermal blankets
  • 1-knife sharpener
  • 1-inflatable raft (in case I have to cross a water body to get home, so I can float my gear)
  • 3-4 face clothes
  • Bag of assorted MRE packets that contain Matches, TP, salt, sugar, pepper, gum etc…
  • 1-Bottle Silver Iodine
  • 1-Fire Striker
  • 1-Compass (another compass – total 3)
  • 1-Bag of matches
  • 1-bag of coco or fruit drink mix
  • Small bags of assorted medical supplies

More Items for personal Go Bag Back Pack:
More Items for personal Go Bag Back Pack:

More Items for personal Go Bag Back Pack:
More Items for personal Go Bag Back Pack:

More Items for personal Go Bag Back Pack:
More Items for personal Go Bag Back Pack:

Empty Back Pack:
Empty Back Pack:

Fully Loaded Personal Go Bag Back Pack:
Fully Loaded Personal Go Bag Back Pack:

All totaled the weight is about 40 pounds between the 2 bags, but you can carry the larger bag on your back and front load, (carry the smaller bag on your chest), the smaller Car Go Bag.

To get used to this load, if you ever need to walk home, practice walking with each one for at least a mile or two to start with and then longer distances after that.

Remember these are just to keep you alive either in place or as you hike home. Depending on where you are, and if you have others to keep safe as in family members, will determine what you do.

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