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What is "Sensible Gun Restrictions" and "Gun Control"?

Gun Owner, Veteran, US Citizen  8/27/2016

Sensible Gun Restrictions and Gun Control are all over the news reports after every mass shooting. We have this person and that person stating that if this was done or that was done that we would be safer from such horrible acts.

Then we have our US Government Agencies, FBI, NSA or Home Land Security, telling the public that this current act was not a Terrorist Act but a person just caring out a mass shooting when in fact it has TERRORIST ACT Writing all over it.

Then we have our President telling the public some sob story on how we need to act on Gun Control and that is all before the Mainstream Media jumps on gun owners and states how guns need to be taken away.

What is a Law Abiding Gun Owner to do? We have and own guns for many reasons, not withholding the primary one, self-defense, which in case you didn’t know, you are allowed to protect yourself and your loved ones in this country.

But we have no one stating, or even proposing what would be a good middle ground. I believe no guns should be outlawed. NONE so everyone that wants an AR-15 or an AK47 can have one. I believe that there should be NO Magazine restrictions, everyone that wants a 20, 30, 40, 100 or 250 round Magazine can own one.

What I do feel should be done is to enforce the current laws on the books that current Law Abiding Gun Owners already follow. To NOT restrict our access to any gun we want to own, as long as we follow the laws already stated on the books.

Guns, for those of you not accustom to them need to understand that guns do not kill people. YES! Believe it or not they do not kill people, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE and PEOPLE have been doing it since CAIN and ABLE, which was done with a rock at that time in history.

Bad People will use whatever they can to kill someone, and taking away guns from their victims only guaranties that they, the victims, will be killed by the bad guys.

Now you may say well if we take them away fewer people will be victims of these Bad People. WRONG, Even I know how to make rudimentary explosives from household cleaning products and other items. Just look at Timothy McVeigh, he made his bomb out of farm supplies and a readily available fuel that anyone can purchase,(how many people did he kill?), and if I am not mistaken, a bomb can kill a lot of people if detonated. Whereas a gun, in the trained hand of a LAW ABIDING GUN OWNER can shoot and kill the bad guy before he detonates the bomb.

Anyway, there is going to be no happy medium to all the sides on Guns, My stance is I am keeping my guns, and will for a long time to come, including willing them to my children and grandchildren so I am firm on this when I say, STAY AWAY FROM MY GUNS AND MY RIGHT TO OWN THEM! I have no problem defending my 2nd Amendment Right to Bare Arms.

I strongly suggest that everyone gets a Concealed carry Permit from their respective State/City/Town and then call your Senate and Congressional Representatives and tell them you want concealed carry across the country. Tell them you want laws that protect your rights to own guns, your right to defend yourself from ALL attackers who would do you and your family any harm.

80% Lower
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Your rights to own guns are also in peril. Watch the Supreme Court Nominations and force your Senate and Congressional Rep’s to questions the appointees views on guns. Also look at how these appointees have made decisions in court cases, that they presided over, that included gun rights.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you have a safe day and remember to shoot the bad guys first, that gun control is hitting your target, that gun restrictions only punish the good, as the bad guys and bad girls will get their guns off the street when needed and not in a gun store.

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