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GUNS - Guns in America - Here to STAY!

By Gun Owner, Veteran, US Citizen  8/15/2016

Guns in America, it is almost as if it was Mom and Apple Pie. The people who love guns, defend them over and above all else. So the reader knows, I am one of these people. And then there are the people who hate guns and chastise them at every chance they get.

Even in News broadcasts you can hear how the reporters, that do not like guns, push their agenda over the airwave and hide the Good NEWS about guns away from the public. Good News about guns, well that is when a citizen defends themselves, their family, or even strangers from attackers by using their gun to stop the crime being committed. God forbid you show people with guns in a good light, even when Law Enforcement kills an unarmed citizen, it is because of guns. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Guns are here to stay, no matter what laws come from Washington and they will be here long after the News media tries to chastise supporters of guns. The American distrust of their own government has kept the need for guns by its citizens the top priority of those how are elected by their local citizens.

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You can say that this issue is exaggerated and could never happen in America. But it did happen, many years ago when we decided to rise up against the British. It continues to happen around the world, just look at Chinas blocking of Hong Kong’s voters right to vote for who they want. China stepped in and said you can only vote for these candidates that we have picked for you. Remember Chinas answer to the Tiananmen Square Peaceful Uprising, I think that was a big old FUCK YOU to the people from the Beijing Communist Party, who signed an agreement that stated that the people of Hong Kong would be a government within the government of China back in 1997, and that they had their own autonomy in their own elections.

Then we can look at the Disarming of the Irans citizens by the Iranian students back in 1978-79 and then using the military against their own people to get them in line. There are so many governments thoughout history that have done this that I just do not have enough space to list them all. I do have space for one last one, Germany 1930-1944, just remember what that government did to a large portion of its people in the name of progress. So soon we forget how governments step on its own people when they want the people to go their way.

So NO, I will not give up my guns as I might have to defend myself from my own Government, and its control of the military. Some say that the US Military is forbidden from operating on US soil, well we all know how fast a law can be changed in Washington to suit the need at hand.

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